Acerca de Liria

Llíria is a medium-sized town off the CV35 motorway to the north of Valencia, Spain. Known as Edeta in ancient Iberian times, it is the musical capital of the is the capital of the area known as Camp de Túria in the province of Valencia. It is approximately 25km north-west of the city of Valencia. It sits at an altitude of 164m (530'). The population in 2006 totalled approximately 21,500. The traditional economy is based on agriculture, but industries such as textiles, construction materials, plastics, and furniture are becoming increasingly important. The city is at the end of the Metrovalencia train system. Construction of a new general hospital in Llíria began in 2007 and finished in 2015. Due to the severe financial crisis, the building of the hospital took much longer than initially expected.The local Fiestas are Romería of San Vicente Ferrer (29 April), and Saint Michael (29 September).History and architecturePre-Roman AgeUnder Llíria lie the ruins of what was one of the most important Iberian cities in Spain. The city was then known as Edeta and it was the administrative centre of Edetania, an extensive territory between the rivers Júcar / Xúquer and / Riu Palància.

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