15. agosto 2020 - 7:00 hasta 8:00
Free Yoga / Be.Astmens
SpainLas Palmas de Gran Canaria

Yoga with TOms at Puerto de Mogan, Free Yoga / Be.Astmens, sábado, 15. agosto 2020

Join me for a yoga practice to re-unite yourself. Even if it is just for 1h, it is totally worth it!

I am going on a trip to Puerto de Mogan on August 15 and 16. (maybe even on 14th).

I am offering to lead vinyasa yoga classes there. My classes are suitable for beginner to intermediate level.

The current time is set for Saturday of August 15 at 8am. Just after Sunrise.

However, if there is a demand for other times I am open to discuss other possibilities.

Namaste! ?

sábado, 15. agosto 2020, Free Yoga / Be.Astmens, Yoga with TOms at Puerto de Mogan

Goba Sentaro Herrera

Goba Sentaro Herrera

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