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Hello brave woman¡
Have you ever wondered what big differences are between female entrepreneurs and those that are successful?
Have you ever wondered if there is a specific profile?
Do they have some natural skills or is it something they train?
What do they think, what they feel, what they say and most importantly, what do they do differently from you today?
I always say that becoming an entrepreneur is an act of courage that few women choose but learning from successful female entrepreneurs is a magic shortcut.
For those who want to start your own business, the truth is that it is a challenge in many areas. You need to decide which business idea to develope (out of one thousand options in your mind) . You want to combine your experience, skills and make a living out of it. The process of starting a company will make you go “out of your confort zone” and be focused on understand the needs your ideal customer, make the mínimum viable product/service, launch commercial proposals until you find enough customers to make your business a reality. You will need the figures, create a website, branding, logo, social media strategy, legal and finance advice, the business plan, recruiting, finding the right providers or cofounders, looking for funding, pitching and a long long list.
However, even if you do everything perfectly, in order to guarantee success in your company, you need YOUR MIND TO WORK FOR YOU, for your goals. In your favor.
 Do you recognize that inner voice that is giving you messages every now and then? Well, we want this little voice to encourage you, to boost your selfesteem, to trust even more in yourself, your abilities, your opportunities and that you are capable to do everything you propose and even dare with challenges because you have full confidence in yourself and your possibilities. The good news is that you can TRAIN your MIND to become a successful female entrepreneur specially if you are starting your business. The sooner you implement certain habits that most successfull female entrepreneurs do the sooner you will the results in your company and life. *** IN THIS 4 HOURS WORKSHOP
You will identify YOUR ACTUAL DEGREE of SELF-ESTEEM and how it affects your Project.
You will learn HOW YOUR CLIENTS ARE AFFECTED BY YOUR CONFIDENCE and how you can change it. 
You will understand the CLOSE RELATIOSHIHP BETWEEN PRICING AND SELF-ESTEEM and what you can do about it. 
You will discover the 3 KEY POINTS that share all female entrepreneurs, that you will apply during the workshop.
 You will understand THE IMPORTANCE OF YOUR NETWORK AND ENVIRONMENT and how influence your company.
 You will discover the ONE AND MOST IMPORTANT SKILL to be SUCCESSFULL and how to apply it inmediatelly.
You will be in a safe enviroment with other  FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS with the same goals, dreams and fears as you and you will live first hand the importance of COMMUNITY. You will find a solution to FIGHT against PROCRASTINATION and INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY 
You will build a tool to help you boost your MINDSET  
And much more… *** THIS WORKSHOP IS THE SOLUTION FOR: If you are a female entrepreneurs willing to create a their own business, but you feel that you need support with your actual mindset to obtain better results.
If you are a female entrepreneur with previous experience and you want to start you new business, fresh, happy feeling your previous experience as positive and a massive advantage. 

If you are a female entrepreneur that is always in trouble with pricing and customer needs. 

If you are a Freelancers willing to change or grow client portfolio/services.
*** MY NAME IS ALICIA RIBAS and I am comitted to female professional growth. This workshop is part of my FEMALE ENTREPRENEUR PROGRAM.
*** THIS IS WHAT OTHER PARTICIPANTS SAY: CARLA B. “It leaves everything much clearer. You gain confidence and you meet other female entrepreneurs who are just like you. It is very easy if you take the necessary steps” when building your company GABI N. “It leaves you with a very clear idea of what I have to do to move forward, and, above all, how important it is to be specific. I strongly recommend “ PETRA K. “I loved the inspiration, the community, the importance of deadlines and metrics” KAYLA W. “I am creating my company and super recommend participation. You get all what you need to get customers” *** ALICIA RIBAS, is a buiness coach, speaker and autor that actively promotes and participates in the professional women growth.
Pd: In the meantime, extra tips for female entrepreneurs here: CLICK HERE

viernes, 05. abril 2019, Utopicus coworking Plaça Catalunya, SUCCESSFUL MINDSET: Inside the mind of a successful female entrepreneur

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