03. mayo 2018 - 10:00

Rally Islas Canarias, España, jueves, 03. mayo 2018

With the stages climbing and descending at a frequent rate, drivers pay close attention to corner speed and lines to ensure optimal momentum is maintained, while precise car set-up and pacenote accuracy are vital. One of the notable features of the sealed stages is the abrasive surface, constructed partly from volcanic lava. It means grip levels are high and remain constant if it rains, although tyre wear can increase. However, with the opportunity to take ‘cuts’ through corners limited, the roads remain relatively debris-free. Returning to the ERC schedule in 2016, it’s a rally big on challenge and spectator numbers.

jueves, 03. mayo 2018, España, Rally Islas Canarias

Gran Premio Red Bull de España

Gran Premio Red Bull de España

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