ONEMUL.XYZ 정신 생각 휠링 힐링 몸육 치유 SW Healing Workshop, España, martes, 01. mayo 2018

Do you want to find your true soul?
Do you want to live a life with purpose and fulfill your dreams?
Do you sometime wonder.. why it is so hard to live a happy life?
Are you sick of all the dramas in your life?
Have you been seeking for help but can't afford workshops/ counselings?

Get healed in Seongwun.
Find yourself, live a life with purpose, and fulfill your dreams.
Peace, happiness and love in your mind.

RSVP and Apply for SW healing today.

Due to many applicants, we can only select a few who have apply through our website.

*** What is SW Remote Healing?
We remove all the negative energy that you've been accumulating since you were born. Then, we will recharge you with the positive energy. (Due to many applicants, we can only do it remotely currently.) Insomnia, depression, cancer, obese, love, traumas, business failure, agony, death, surgery, family problems, divorce.. and more. What are your areas of concern? How desparate are you to make changes to your life?

*** How does it work?
1. Apply on our website.

We need to know your areas of concern, age, availabilities, address, backgrounds and etc... Please be as descriptive as possible to get to most out of the remote healing. The more information we have, the more effective the healing will be. All information provided will be kept confidential.
2. We'll schedule a time for you.
Based on the availabilities that you provided, we schedule SW healing for you. Please allow upto 30 minutes for the healing.
3. SW Healing
No need to do anything on your side. Just be aware that we'll be sending you good energy at the scheduled time and receive it with gratitude and love.
4. Write a review.
After you receive the healing, please write a review. How do you feel before and after the healing? How your view of life has changed and how happy and healthy have you become? Just by reading your review, others can be healed too. Now you have the power to make others happy!
Also, feel free to share this with friends and family that need help.

For more information check out

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the event.

martes, 01. mayo 2018, España, ONEMUL.XYZ 정신 생각 휠링 힐링 몸육 치유 SW Healing Workshop

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