Mercat de la Terra Barcelona 2018 | Earth Day fair and market, España, sábado, 21. abril 2018

The fair is a festival for protecting the planet, and it is held over a weekend in Parc Central de Nou Barris.

Hundreds of craftspeople and dozens of NGOs and other organisations take part. There is a varied and extensive programme of activities. There are conferences on personal growth, book presentations, meditation sessions and dances from around the world.

There is also a food market where farmers and small-scale food producers sell their products directly to customers.

Keywords: Dia de la Terra, Foof fair, La Fira per el Dia de la Terra, Organic, Earth Fair, Fira per la Terra

sábado, 21. abril 2018, España, Mercat de la Terra Barcelona 2018 | Earth Day fair and market

BRACO En Adopción!

BRACO En Adopción!

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