INSEAD Entrepreneurship Forum- 26&27 October 2018- "Excellent Execution", Movistar, viernes, 26. octubre 2018

IEF 2018 "Excellent Execution"
By and for Alumni, designed to facilitate productive networking. This is the event that brings together INSEAD’s amazing and diverse community of alumni entrepreneurs to share practical and immediately useful knowledge about building businesses!
This IEF event is one that should be in every entrepreneur’s mind: Excellent Execution. 
Progressing from a good idea to becoming a fantastic company takes time - excellent execution is the key . 
We are pleased to welcome entrepreneurs who are masters in various execution topics that matter to a company.
We will learn the do’s and the don’ts that can change the game!

How to leverage Investors at different stages of a startup
How to recruit and incentivise human talent in a startup
Digital marketing - tricks from the pros
Why big corporates are partnering with startups
Good execution in technology
Corporate governance in startups

The Forum will culminate with the Business Angel Pitch Event on Saturday evening!
 More information about  the programme on the INSEAD Entrepreneurship Forum website 
We look forward to welcoming you in Barcelona!
The INSEAD Center for Entrepreneurship team and the IEF Steering Commitee     

viernes, 26. octubre 2018, Movistar, INSEAD Entrepreneurship Forum- 26&27 October 2018- "Excellent Execution"

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