ACM Business Referral "Leads" Group - Membership Application, Unicentro Business Centre, viernes, 07. octubre 2016

Business Referral Group Membership application
The American Club of Madrid means business!  
Our new Business Referral Group is your way to build your business by sharing business leads with other club members.
As we begin this new group, we have created the following set of expectations.....and as always with someting new, we encourage your comments and questions!

Leads Group member:Must be an ACM paying member Must apply Fill out Leads Group application One person per industry. This can be classified by specialty i.e.  Real Estate agent who focuses on Residential vs Real Estate agent focused on Commercial 
Lead group member can only represent one business so if there are situations where a single person represent s various products and services then that person will need to decide what is their primary business
Overlapping this needs to be decided. Early sign up to Leads Group is motivation to secure spot. The decision to allow the person to join group will be the Lead Group member impacted.
Wait list for members interested that are already being represented in Group, once a member is dropped members from wait list are contacted. A second Lead group can be created if there is enough interest!
Meetings twice a monthDays and times will need to be established by group but in accordance with ACM calendar so no conflicts with other member events
Structure Attendance mandatory if not member will be dropped and member on wait list for business category will be contacted
Every meeting each member speaks 30 seconds and tells about how members can help them with their business and report on lead they have generated 
Speaker each meeting 15 minutes one member will speak about their business related to etc Chair will have a sign up sheet to keep track of speakers up to 6 month in advance
Each member should bring a guest once per quarter this is required.  This helps the group to get qualified members into Lead Group. The guest can attend Lead Group without being a member of the club but after 2 meetings they must be a AWM and Leads Group member
Each member must provide a testimony of leads generated thanks to group 
Leads need to be recorded and documented if a member does not refer leads they will be invited to leave the group as the essence of the Leads Group is to actively promoting each others business.
Chair responsible for meeting agenda, speakers, meeting places , report to ACM board the no. Of referrals given, promoting the Leads Group with ACM and other clubs. (Jennyffer will take on this role as Chair)
Co chair needed to record qualified leads , meeting minutes, help generate new members, member follow up, step in when Chair is unavailable  ( vacant) 
Agenda45 minsAttendance recordingIntroduction and welcomeMember 1 minute blurb about their business Guests introduced and their business 15 min speakerReport on referrals testimony Remainder time networking and coffee pass out cards

viernes, 07. octubre 2016, Unicentro Business Centre, ACM Business Referral "Leads" Group - Membership Application

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